Are you missing out on life?
Feeling hopeless, spending valuable time and money but still can't get the results you want?
Does sagging skin make you look older than you actually are?
How many times have you voluntarily missed out on photography opportunities because you have been feeling self conscious.
Kaiz's bespoke Skin Tightening program
Feeling like yourself again shouldn't be that hard. 
Kaiz uses award winning modality such as Secret® RF Micro-needling device, HIFU, Derma Pen4, and a combination of active skin care from well reputable brands such as mesoestetic to give you a bespoke effective treatment plan. 
Pricing Indication

Price indication is for you're preference, it may depend on your situation, every patient is different. Normally you are required around 2-4 treatments and good active skin care to get the best results out of the treatments. Incase you may have multiple concerns that needs to be addressed at the same time, you're skin specialist will give you the most cost effective plan according to you're need.


$299 Inward

RF Microoneedling

$649 Onward

HIFU Treatment

$249 onward

  • Non Surgical
  • More natural looking results
  • Long lasting results

Start living your best life

Step 1

This one-on-one consultation session is designed to understand you're concern, as well as create a customized plan unique to you're goals.

Step 2

Treatment begin to rebuild your elastin and collagen network with you're bespoken treatment.

Step 3

After treatment sessions. You’ll begin feeling more like your youthful self and can start living your best life.

Get $100 treatment voucher for first visit patient
Stop Missing Out In Life
Our Skin Specialist will cut through all the noises for you. Get a non obligation customised plan fit for you're needs. Start living the life you deserve, without sagging skin holding you back.