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请妈妈享受我们的母亲节好莱坞改造套餐之一。忘掉巧克力和葡萄酒吧,为什么不给她一些每个女人都想要的东西——看起来更年轻,感觉更好。 一旦她看到我们的好莱坞光芒的即时效果,你就会成为你妈妈的最爱。它就像没有针或刀的整容。母亲节好莱坞大改造 2 小时 迎宾饮品 Hollywood Glow - 一种无痛的微电流和 LED 面部护理,可减少皱纹、收紧松弛的皮肤并恢复皮肤光泽 超声波换肤 - 微晶换肤术的一种不那么激进的替代方法,它可以去除死皮细胞和杂质。 皱纹梳 - 一种温和的填充剂替代品,将微电流直接靶向皱纹和细纹,帮助软化外观。 免费: 价值 170 美元的 Eye Revive 面膜:一种微电流护理,可温和收紧和调理眼部区域。将使用水面膜为肌肤深层补水,并抚平眼部周围的细纹。 免费: LED 光疗价值 120 美元(有红色、蓝色和黄色可供选择)   了解好莱坞之光 好莱坞明星信赖的非手术整容 Kim Kardashian 和 Jennifer Aniston 等一线明星都对这个品牌赞不绝口,而 Jennifer Lopez 对此非常着迷,以至于她在家里安装了一台 CACI 机器。 “凭借超过 25 年的医学研究,CACI 的标志性非手术整容是您可以信赖的治疗方法”,Kim 建议道。 “它可以重新训练您的面部肌肉,促进胶原蛋白的生成,并在无需手术的情况下提供明显更年轻的外观效果。 CACI Synergy 提供: 新的 S.P.E.D™ 微电流 LED 技术 超声波剥离 CACI 独特的皱纹梳(真皮填充剂的非侵入性替代品) 所有这些都有助于调理和紧致下垂的肌肉,软化细纹和皱纹的外观。礼品卡可以通过电子邮件或邮寄给您。

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Kaiz Gift Card

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Cancer Care Facial - IS Clinical Harmony Facial

About this Facial🌸 *Soothing Care for Sensitive Skin*Experience the restorative touch of the IS Clinical Cancer Care Harmony Facial, specially designed for those on a cancer journey. Sensitive skin deserves specialized attention, and this treatment offers a gentle touch that nurtures both comfort and well-being.💆‍♀️ *Tailored Relaxation*Beyond skincare, the Harmony Facial includes a gentle massage that brings not only physical relaxation but also a moment of emotional ease during challenging times.🌼 *Symbol of Resilience*More than a treatment, the Harmony Facial symbolizes solidarity and care. It's a reminder that you're not alone on this journey, and we're here to support you every step of the way.A Special Collaboration with Flowers After Hours ParnellMaximize the care with our exclusive option to pair the IS Clinical Cancer Care Harmony Facial with the vibrant Daffodil Bundle from Flowers After Hours. When purchased together, you can enjoy a special price for this thoughtful combination. 🌸 A Synergy of Care: This delightful package brings together the soothing Harmony Facial and a bundle of vibrant daffodils from Flowers After Hours. It's more than a gift—it's a heartfelt way to show your support for someone facing tough times, such as those battling cancer. Let them know they're always in your thoughts. 💐 Bloom and Beauty: The Harmony Facial nurtures the spirit while Flowers After Hours' daffodils brighten the day. This combination embodies resilience and care, reminding your loved one that they're cherished throughout their journey. 🌼 A Touch of Thoughtfulness: Take advantage of this unique opportunity to convey your care in a meaningful way. Let the harmony of our facial and the beauty of daffodils speak volumes to someone who needs it most. Gift Card Delivery and Option for Daffodils Bundle 🌼 Gift Card Format: 🌼 Your purchase will be provided as a physical gift card. 🚚 Delivery Options: If you choose to pair your purchase with the Flowers After Hours Daffodils Bundle, you have two convenient choices: Pick Up: Collect everything at Flowers After Hours in Parnell. Courier: For an extra $20, have your package couriered to your preferred location. Alternatively we can present the flower after the treatment Make your choice based on what suits you best, and let your gesture of care be delivered with ease.

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iS Clinical - Extreme Protect All Day Moisturiser

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