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Cancer Care Facial - IS Clinical Harmony Facial

About this Facial🌸 *Soothing Care for Sensitive Skin*Experience the restorative touch of the IS Clinical Cancer Care Harmony Facial, specially designed for those on a cancer journey. Sensitive skin deserves specialized attention, and this treatment offers a gentle touch that nurtures both comfort and well-being.💆‍♀️ *Tailored Relaxation*Beyond skincare, the Harmony Facial includes a gentle massage that brings not only physical relaxation but also a moment of emotional ease during challenging times.🌼 *Symbol of Resilience*More than a treatment, the Harmony Facial symbolizes solidarity and care. It's a reminder that you're not alone on this journey, and we're here to support you every step of the way.A Special Collaboration with Flowers After Hours ParnellMaximize the care with our exclusive option to pair the IS Clinical Cancer Care Harmony Facial with the vibrant Daffodil Bundle from Flowers After Hours. When purchased together, you can enjoy a special price for this thoughtful combination. 🌸 A Synergy of Care: This delightful package brings together the soothing Harmony Facial and a bundle of vibrant daffodils from Flowers After Hours. It's more than a gift—it's a heartfelt way to show your support for someone facing tough times, such as those battling cancer. Let them know they're always in your thoughts. 💐 Bloom and Beauty: The Harmony Facial nurtures the spirit while Flowers After Hours' daffodils brighten the day. This combination embodies resilience and care, reminding your loved one that they're cherished throughout their journey. 🌼 A Touch of Thoughtfulness: Take advantage of this unique opportunity to convey your care in a meaningful way. Let the harmony of our facial and the beauty of daffodils speak volumes to someone who needs it most. Gift Card Delivery and Option for Daffodils Bundle 🌼 Gift Card Format: 🌼 Your purchase will be provided as a physical gift card. 🚚 Delivery Options: If you choose to pair your purchase with the Flowers After Hours Daffodils Bundle, you have two convenient choices: Pick Up: Collect everything at Flowers After Hours in Parnell. Courier: For an extra $20, have your package couriered to your preferred location. Alternatively we can present the flower after the treatment Make your choice based on what suits you best, and let your gesture of care be delivered with ease.

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受到在 Met Gala 之前求助于我们的客户的启发,这个完整的套装非常适合新娘或任何想要在重大活动之前看起来最好的人。 2.5小时治疗包括 采用超声波剥离的高级好莱坞光晕(微晶换肤术的温和替代品) 皱纹革命 水合面膜 电手套手部年轻化治疗 面部或背部 LED 光疗 高级好莱坞光晕 (价值 380 美元)我们著名的好莱坞光晕 + 超声波剥离的组合。该面部护理使用无痛微电流脉冲和 LED 光疗法来提升、紧致和调理下垂的肌肉,并抚平细纹和皱纹的外观。超声波去角质可温和清洁和去除角质,是微晶换肤术的一种不那么激进的替代品。 这种由金·卡戴珊 (Kim Kardashian) 等名人宣誓的治疗将使您的皮肤看起来清新、年轻、容光焕发。詹妮弗·洛佩兹 (Jennifer Lopez) 对此非常着迷,因此她在家中安装了自己的机器。皱纹梳(价值 160 美元)我们的皱纹梳针对深层线条和皱纹,例如鱼尾纹和笑纹。这种治疗是一种非侵入性、无针的替代胶原蛋白注射剂和真皮填充剂,可在第一次治疗时立即丰盈细纹和皱纹。 Hydratone 面膜(价值 180 美元)这种护理旨在深层滋养、保湿和紧致肌肤。面部滚轮同时发出微电流脉冲和 LED 光疗,在保湿凝胶面膜上轻轻按摩。它柔化细纹,使皮肤恢复活力。非常适合脱水或晒伤的皮肤。 Electro Glove Hand Rejuvenation (价值 180 美元)让您的双手感觉柔软、柔软和补水的焕活手部面膜。手套由导电织物制成,可提供无痛的微电流脉冲,刺激胶原蛋白的生成。当然,你会毫不犹豫地炫耀光滑柔滑的双手和那枚结婚戒指。 LED 光疗 (价值 120 美元) 一 (1) 种正面或背面选择 面部 - 刺激胶原蛋白生成,以减少色素沉着过度、皱纹和收紧下垂的皮肤。背部 - 如果您打算穿着性感露背连衣裙露出容光焕发的皮肤,那就完美了.

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