Diet & exercise not working on
Stubborn pockets of fat?
Fat freezing is the solution you're looking for.



Diet & exercise not working on
jiggly fat under your skin?

Fat freezing is the solution
you're looking for.
  • Continuously eliminates fat cells up to 6 months

  • A painless & non-invasive alternative to liposuction

  • Effective reduces double chin, bra fat, love handles, thigh fat & more
Why Fat Freezing Works
Why Fat Freezing is better at Kaiz
Kaiz uses a state of the art fat freezing machine, which is able to provide more coverage, 
and better results in a shorter amount of time compared to others machines.
CoolShaping2™ is TGA Certified and carries the latest fat freezing treatment technology in the market using a 360° Stereoscopic Cooling system.

Life Changing Permanent Results

See real results from real clients.

You're only one step away from achieving your body goals.

Optimal results are commonly achieved after 12 weeks.

Life Changing Results

See real results from real clients.

You're only one step away from achieving your body goals.

Optimal results are commonly achieved after 12 weeks.

How It Works
Since fat freezes at a higher temperature than skin, The treatment can kill fat cells while leaving surrounding skin and body tissue unharmed. Your body will then naturally metabolize & remove dead fat cells through urination or sweat continuously up to 6 months after a treatment.
360° Stereoscopic Cooling
A vacuum device is applied which freezes the fat at a temperature between -5C° to -10C° which kills the fat cells. Unlike traditional fat freezing machines that have a top down cooling system, our CoolShaping2™ machine has a 360° Stereoscopic Cooling System that covers much larger and deeper areas of fat.
What Happens To The Fat
Fat freezing works through a process called Apoptosis. Where the body naturally gets rid of cells that have been damaged beyond repair. 
Since fat dies at a higher temperature (-2C°) compared to other cells in the body will not be affected.
Permanent Results
Once fat cells die during the fat freezing treatment, they collapse and will be naturally removed by your body's metabolism for up to 6 months, meaning you'll notice continuous fat loss over time. 
Cryolipolysis vs Liposuction


Minimal discomfort during and after treatment - cold & tingling sensations

Non-invasive and no downtime

Works for patients who want to lose stubborn areas of fat

Continuous fat loss over 3 to 6 months 

Some patients may require repeated treatments to achieve desired results


Pain and discomfort may last up to 4 weeks after surgery

Recovery may take up to 6 weeks

Requires anesthesia

More dramatic and overall reduction body fat results

Suitable for reducing large areas of fat and can improve overall figure at once


Treatment Areas
Losing unwanted fat is easy with CoolShaping2™. It's safe & effective on many areas of the body, with the treat small areas like the chin, or areas as large as the stomach & thighs. It can also treating up to 4 areas in a single session, treatment menu options are endless!


  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Jawline
  • Arms
  • Arm Pits
  • Bra Rolls
  • Upper Back
  • Upper Chest
  • Lower Stomach
  • Upper Stomach
  • Love Handles
  • Outer Thighs
  • Rear Thighs
  • Knees

What temperature
kills fat cells?
Fat cells die at -4C°
CoolShaping2™ can cool up to -10C°

Since fat freezes at a higher temperature than other cells, the treatment can kill fat cells while leaving surrounding skin and body tissue unharmed.
What do liposuction and cryolipolysis have in common?
Both cryolipolysis and liposuction can only treat subcutaneous fat, NOT visceral fat.

Subcutaneous fat is found right under your skin (also known as stubborn fat) while visceral fat is stored deep inside your belly, wrapped around organs.
Do fat calls grow in size?
or reproduce?
After the age of 5, you cannot produce fat cells. The amount of fat cells in your body stay the same for the rest of your life.

This is why killing your fat cells through cryolipolysis gives you results you can enjoy permanently.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is CoolShaping2™ cryolipolysis or fat freezing?
It is a clinically studied and proven method to permanently remove excess subcutaneous fat on the body using non-surgical body sculpting technology. Fat freezing works by using a special applicator tool which simultaneously suctions and freezes the fat cells in the targeted areas at -5 to -10 °C.
Why is CoolShaping2™ fat freezing so effective?
Studies show that fat cells die at a freezing temperature of -2°C unlike other body cells, which means your skin or surrounding body tissue won't be harmed during the fat freezing procedure. Once the Cryolipolysis procedure is complete, the body eliminates the dead fat cells through our own natural metabolism.
Is it painful? Is there downtime?
The fat freezing process feels like an ice pack being held against your skin which gets colder throughout the first five minutes of the procedure. You may feel tingling and mild discomfort, however this will eventually subside as your skin numbs during the procedure
Are all fat freezing machines the same?
No, there are many different kinds of machines in the market with different cooling systems that do not deliver the same results, some may not even be TGA Certified, meaning they do not meet with Australian safety & regulatory compliance.

CoolShaping2™, the machine Kaiz uses is TGA Certified – ARTG No. 371276.

Who are / are not eligible for fat freezing?
The treatment is ideal for healthy individuals who would like to lose stubborn fat that won't improve with diet and exercise.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not able to receive the treatment. People with serious medical conditions are advised to undergo a consultation with a medical professional before receiving the treatment.
How many areas of the body can be treated?
Our CoolShaping2™ machine has four applicators with different sizes which can treat small, medium and large areas of the subcutaneous fat at the same time.
How many fat freezing treatments will I need?
In most cases, we recommend 2-4 sessions on the same area, however this will vary depending on different factors within your body. Book a consultation with our therapist to determine the right number of sessions to best suit your body