By subscribing to any of Kaiz Limited's treatment plans, you agree to the following Payment Plan Terms and Conditions. These terms outline your rights and obligations when making payments through our direct debit provider, Ezypay.

Payment Mechanism

1. Schedule Options: Payments will be automatically debited from your designated bank account on a frequency of your choosing—either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

2. Provider: Payments are processed through Ezypay, a third-party direct debit provider.

3. Duration: The number of payments will align with the duration of your selected treatment program. For instance, the Non-Surgical Mummy Makeover plan requires a payment schedule spread over 60 weeks.

4. Balance: All payments must be completed by the end date of your treatment plan program, covering the total balance due.

Enrollment and Initiation

1. Consultation: The payment plan will be established during your initial consultation at the Kaiz clinic.

2. First Payment: The timing for the first payment varies by treatment plan but will typically be initiated between 1-4 weeks following your consultation.

3. Deposit: A deposit is required upon subscribing to a treatment plan and will be specified during your consultation with a Treatment Coordinator.

Required Documentation

To set up a payment plan, you must provide:
- A valid form of photo identification.
- Accurate bank account information for direct debits.

Cancellation or Suspension

1. Notification: If you wish to cancel or temporarily suspend your payment plan, please contact the Kaiz clinic directly. Kaiz will then notify Ezypay on your behalf.

2. Terms: Additional terms and conditions may apply for cancellations or suspension of the payment plan. Please consult your contract for details.

Membership Terms

1. Minimum Duration: Any membership will have a minimum duration of 3 months from the date of joining.

2. Cancellation Post-Minimum Period: You may cancel your membership at any time after the initial 3-month period.

3. Cancellation Procedure: To cancel your membership, you must send us an official cancellation letter.

4. Notice Period: A notice period of 1 month is required for cancellation.

Fees and Charges

1. Set-up Fee: A one-time set-up fee of $10 is applied at the time of enrollment.

2. Transaction Fee: A fee will be charged per direct debit transaction. If multiple treatment plans are debited on the same day, only a single transaction fee will be applied.

3. Bank Commission Fee: Per transaction, $0.44 + 1.89%. A minimum commission fee may apply.

4. Visa/Mastercard Commission Fee: Per transaction, $0.44 + 1.89%. A minimum commission fee may apply.

5. Failed Payment Fee: A fee of $14.90 will be charged per failed transaction.

6. Interest: No interest fees are applied as part of this payment plan.

By signing up for a treatment plan with Kaiz Limited, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these Payment Plan Terms and Conditions.