The KAIZ Legacy

Inspired by the Japanese ideology of Kaizen (改善), KAIZ grounds itself in the principles of change and goodness. We believe that through curating a calm atmosphere during your medispa treatments, you’ll be able to transform for the better – both inside out.

A visit to KAIZ does not just result in a physical change. But also an inner change.

Meet Kaiz's Team

Kai Cuff

Founder of Kaiz

In the face of a life-threatening situation during a tummy tuck surgery over a decade ago, I came to the profound realization that my life held a deeper purpose beyond being a devoted mother to four incredible kids. As I navigated the changes brought about by pregnancy, I yearned for a place that could embrace and support my healing spiritual journey.

When I couldn't find such a sanctuary, my passion was ignited, and it led me to create Kaiz Wellness & Medispa—a haven where we nurture not only physical well-being but also the mind and spirit.

As a mother, I know firsthand the struggles of finding time for self-care. That's why, when you choose to visit Kaiz, we want it to be more than just an ordinary spa experience—it's a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation, tailored just for you.

So, step into Kaiz and feel the warmth of our embrace. You're not just a client to us; you're part of our Kaiz family. Let us take care of you, as you take this time to care for yourself. Your well-being matters to us, and we are here to make your time at Kaiz truly exceptional. You deserve it!

Kara McClanahan

Kaiz's Aesthetic Advisors

Meet Kara, the driving force behind Kaiz's elevated standard in the aesthetics industry. With over 23 years of experience as Vice President of US Sales at Aesthetics Biomedical® Inc., Kara is a master at developing innovative strategies that set aesthetic-focused businesses apart. Her partnership with Kaiz's founder, Kai, has brought cutting-edge technology and training to the clinic, ensuring the best treatment options for clients.

Throughout her impressive career, Kara has collaborated with physicians, practice leaders, private equity groups, and skincare companies, guiding strategic business planning. As an executive leader, she excels in operational management, business development, sales training, and clinical support.

Kara's expertise spans various medical fields, with a dedicated focus on the cosmetic space for the past 15 years. Recognized as one of the few "Board Certified Medical Practice Executives" by the American Medical Group Management Association, her achievements speak to her commitment to excellence.

Beyond her professional success, Kara's passion extends to empowering women in industry leadership through a co-founded 501c3 non-profit organization. As a sought-after speaker and respected consultant, Kara is dedicated to driving innovation and success in the aesthetics industry.

At Kaiz, Kara's hands-on coaching and technical training have elevated the skills of all therapists. With her guidance, the clinic continuously embraces new techniques and technologies, ensuring an unparalleled experience for every client.

Amy Clarkson

Skin & Body Specialist
12 years experience

Dedicated and resilient, Amy has navigated through endometriosis, gaining a profound understanding of the significance of self-care. As an avid runner, she embraces the power of wellness, hitting the pavement almost every day. Amy's career path has been diverse and fascinating, as she has volunteered as a fireman and served as a custom officer. Her passion for community work is evident in all she does.

Amy's journey in the beauty industry began in 2011, and her commitment to her craft has only grown stronger over the years. As a Skin & Body Specialist, she possesses a unique perspective on the transformative potential of skincare and body treatments.

Her exceptional communication and interpersonal skills make her a valuable asset, allowing her to connect effortlessly with individuals of all ages and cultures. Amy's warm and compassionate approach creates a welcoming environment for clients, where they can embark on their beauty and wellness journeys with confidence.

With Amy's expertise and dedication, Kaiz Wellness & Medispa continues to provide unparalleled care and support, ensuring every client leaves feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and radiant.

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Breanna Buchholtz

Skin & Body Specialist
11 years experience

Meet Breanna Buchholtz - a radiant addition to our team all the way from Canada. With her captivating presence, she effortlessly lights up every room she enters, infusing the Kaiz Wellness & Medispa with her unique and diverse skill set.

Breanna's expertise in skin and body treatments ensures that every client's journey is truly illuminating, as she crafts personalized treatment plans with meticulous attention to detail. Her warm and genuine nature instantly puts clients at ease, fostering a nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Breanna's dedication to continuous learning keeps her at the forefront of advancements in aesthetics. Her calming energy envelops those around her, making each visit to Kaiz Wellness & Medispa a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

With her Canadian background, Breanna infuses our clinic with a touch of international charm, celebrating diversity in our pursuit of excellence. Join us in experiencing the magic that Breanna and the entire Kaiz team have to offer, as we embark on a transformative journey to embrace your best self.

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Samantha Sherwood

Skin & Body Specialist
11 years experience

Allow us to introduce you to Samantha Sherwood, a dedicated Skin & Body Specialist who brings a personal touch to every client's experience at Kaiz. With her passion for laser treatments and unwavering commitment to client care, Samantha plays an essential role in delivering exceptional service.

Having worked on a cruise ship, Samantha gained valuable insights into different cultures, enriching her understanding of diverse clientele. Beyond her expertise in aesthetics, Samantha's love for cooking and baking showcases the nurturing and caring person she is.

Her culinary passion reflects her genuine desire to put a smile on people's faces, a quality that shines through in her interactions with clients. Samantha's journey in nursing initially stemmed from her love for caring for others, but she soon discovered her aversion to blood. Nevertheless, this experience led her to the world of aesthetics, where she found her true calling.

At Kaiz, Samantha's warm and personable approach creates a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring each client feels comfortable and valued. Her dedication to making a positive impact on people's lives is evident in every treatment she performs, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Join us in experiencing Samantha's personalized care and passion for beauty and well-being at Kaiz Wellness & Medispa.

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